La Compagnie Créative has its first early years setting opening 7th January 2019 in St Genis Pouilly. We do not limit enrolment at our facilities on your area of residence.

All of La Compagnie Créative settings will have the same concept built on four principles. These principles will ensure a healthy, engaging and comfortable environment for the daily life of your children. 

  1. The use of natural resources & the limitation of plastic

  2. Environmental consciousness

  3. Focus on your child, providing a quiet and reassuring space.

  4. Creating a nurturing environment.

Throughout the settings natural materials will be used during construction of the environment. By doing this we hope to optimise the air quality within our facilities providing a healthy environment for your children. 

The settings are equipped to limit both consumption and waste, therefore, reducing our impact on our environment. 

Plastic resources, such as toys and educational materials, will be limited as much as possible. Resources made from natural materials will be favoured. Bamboo tableware will replace plastic. Plastic will be limited in every aspect of life within the settings. 

La Compagnie Creative is committed to providing a healthier environment for your children. We ensure; 

  • All materials used during renovations are solvent free

  • Cleaning products are ecological and phosphate free

  • Waste is recycled or composted

  • Low Salt, whole grain, organic food products. All meals made on site.

Find out more about our Saint Genis Pouilly facility here