147 Rue du Mont Rond,
Espace Allondon,
Saint Genis Pouilly.

Creche Hours

Monday 0700 - 1900
Tuesday 0700 - 1900
Wednesday 0700 - 1900
Thursday 0700 - 1900
Friday 0700 - 1900


Francophone Contact Tiphanie Moreira t: 04 50 41 25 79 tiphanie@lacompagniecreative.fr

English Contact Gwyn Swift t: 06 72 07 84 15 e: gwyn@lacompagniecreative.fr


Our Saint Genis Pouilly crèche is located at 147 Rue du Mont Rond. 

St Genis Pouilly is open from  Monday to Friday between 0700 to 1900, providing space for 21 children ( and three emergency places) per day. 

The facility is 260m2 lit by plenty of natural light. Parking spaces are reserved close to the main entrance for parents. The outdoor area is 220m2 shaded by trees. It has both a hard surface area for wet weather, and a grass area for the summer months. 

Parents are able to enter the building without restriction with a secure pin code. Here children can leave their shoes and coats before entering the living room. Parents are able to leave pushchairs and car seats for the day.

21 children will occupy the living room with a separated area for non walking children. The room will be used for activities, games and play. The living room leads directly to the exterior space, childrens toilets and bedrooms.

We have four bedrooms allowing 6 children per room to sleep. Bedrooms are all naturally ventilated. Mattresses are made from Oeko-Tex materials guaranteeing the absence of toxic products.

A large gross motor skills ‘baby-gym’ completes the facility. Here children can climb over our soft play obstacle course or dive into the ball pool.

The space offers many extra classes over the weekend and evenings, such as maternity classes and yoga, bring your child cinema evenings and first aid courses for parents. Please see our events listings on the homepage. 

Frequently asked questions

When should a child start creche? La Compagnie Créative accepts children from 10 weeks (end of maternity leave) to one day before their fourth birthday.

How much does a place cost? Prices start from as little as €40 for a half day to €1650 for a month of full time attendance

When should I register for a place? As soon as possible! For a space in our baby section we suggest you register your interest for a space while you are pregnant.

Can I Breastfeed at La Compagnie Créative ? Yes ! Mothers are supported to breastfeed anywhere in the creche.

What is an eco-creche ? La Compagnie Créative tries to limit our impact on the environment. We limit plastic toys, we do not use any single use plastics, our consumables are ecological and we limit the amount of electricity and water we consume


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