Founded in 2017, La Compagnie Créative is dedicated to improving the quality and services of childcare offered in Pays de Gex. 

Limiting numbers in our crèche environment enables our practitioners to provide quality and personalised care to each child who attends. 

The founder, Gwyn, a British expat, has been working with children all over the world for multiple years. Having worked in demanding, high profile roles, a depth of understanding about the absolute best childcare approaches has been gained. Working directly with parents, Gwyn has developed an eye for the services which modern, professional parents need, and the additional support families require in today's society. As a result of these observations, La Compagnie Créative has developed multiple services including take away evening meals, breakfast clubs and the first early years setting in the area to provide a child home collection and drop off service. 

After a year of planning and research we have created a paradise for little ones and their parents. 

La Compagnie Créative has been designed to allow the imaginations of your children to run wild, a place of education and daily life, an environment for fun development and discovery. A company which not only focusses on the safety and wellbeing of your child, but also the journey of the parents too.