Much thought has been given to produce an early years framework to enable the children who attend to flourish. Activities to support child development are adapted to the individual needs, abilities and rhythm of the attending children.

We have combined three aspects to create a solid foundation to awaken your child both physically and intellectually on their path to greatness. 

Bilingual Practice

At La Compagnie Créative we have employed the OPOL approach to bilingualism. This allows the children to be exposed to one French speaker and one English speaker at all times during their day. These practitioners will not change language, or communicate with the children in any other language apart from the language they are assigned. Research has shown that children exposed to this method consistently were more likely to develop their bilingual skills quicker, and retain the language skills they have learnt. 


Given that we are a true bilingual creche, we have combined both the French and English foundation and early years curriculums. This will not only expose your children to more experiences across both curriculums, but it will guarantee their preparation to enter either the French or International schooling systems. 

Family Participation

 Families are welcomed to participate in the daily life of La Compagnie Créative. Parents will be encouraged to organise activities to share their cultures and traditions to awaken children to other lifestyles. Parents & Carers are able to share stories, cultural lessons and festivities which may not be present in your childs home setting.

Parental participation is mandatory for a new child beginning their time at La Compagnie Créative. This is a sensitive time for both child and parents and must be handled carefully for a successful transition into crèche life. All children will begin their time at the setting with a period of adaption to facilitate the successful integration of the child into the crèche. .