Multi Diciplinary Team 


La Compagnie Créative employs the best early years practitioners. Each facility will have an early years educator, a qualified childcare assistant and a nursery assistant and a peadiatric nurse. The breadth of qualifications results in a rounded approach to caring for your child. Find out more about our education plan here

50 Week Access 

All facilities will be open all year apart from 2 weeks over the Christmas period. 

Personalised Service

All children's' needs are different, and all families needs are different. We dont apply a one service fits all to your children or your families needs. Add services for a short period, remove when you dont need them. Have a busy week at work? Don't worry, La Compagnie Créative will support you. 

Bespoke Early Years Settings 

Our early years settings are newly renovated to exceed guidelines and regulation and to be as environmentally conscious as possible. Our aim is to provide zero contact with any harmful compounds such as phosphates, parabens and bisphenol. Find out more about our settings here



Freshly prepared locally sourced home-made organic meals made on-site. 

Morning Snack, Two Course Lunch, Afternoon Snack and drinks throughout the day.

Low Salt, Low Sugar, Whole Grains, Fish with no mercury, Organic Produce. 

Breakfast and Dinner can be supplied at an additional cost. More information here



Daily consumables such as nappies, wipes, soaps and hygiene products. 

We use products free from parabens 



All bed linen, towels are provided.

We use products made from organic cotton.


All resources for activities during the childs time at creche. 

We try to limit the amount of plastic within the environment to a minimum.



Throughout the month, La Compagnie Créative will have several events outside of our regular opening hours. From children's hair cuts on the weekend, cinema evenings, and maternity and yoga classes. Our enrolled families will benefit from discounts on all of these extra activities. 

Discounts on out of hours activities