La Compagnie Créative X Rima’s Baby Massage

La Compagnie Créative has teamed with Rima’s baby massage. Rima, a mother of two a certified infant massage instructor with the IAIM . Rima is passionate about teaching the massage routine, discussing parent topics & sharing stories, and supporting the unique bonding process for each parent baby duo. I welcome all parents and babies to my courses in a judgement free setting where we strive for loving, healthy, and secure relationships. Supporting and connecting with families, especially in an international, unfamiliar environment is where her passion lies and continues to grow


Bond with and nurture your baby as you learn a full body massage routine taught by Rima, certified IAIM instructor.

The ethos of the massage program developed by the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) gives us the tools to allow parents to gain confidence in their parenting skills, give love unconditionally, exude endless amounts of energy, spread compassion, and be the best role models possible to raise grounded loving human beings. By using nurturing touch to establish parent and baby bond, connecting on all physical and sensory levels during that special one on one massage time allows parents to continuously develop their unique relationship with their child. Within a group baby massage class, parents create new friendships and support networks that make tackling daily challenges of parenting less daunting. The benefits of learning and establishing this massage routine has life-long benefits to babies, parents, families, and society as a whole as the course facilitates love and respect between baby and parent.

Newborns to pre-crawlers with moms and caregivers welcome to join the 5 week course. Places are limited to five per course.


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The next baby massage course will begin 05/06/2019. Sessions begin at 18:30 and last for 60-90 minutes

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Baby Massage Course

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Course begins 05/06/2019 at 1830. Sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes.

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La Compagnie Creative, 147 Rue du Mont Rond, Saint Genis Pouilly.

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Reviews of the course from participants

My little one and I very much enjoyed our 5-week baby massage class with Rima.She provided a warm, fun and loving environment  to teach us much more than how to massage a baby.Of course, we did learn the strokes and sequences which my baby benefited by being more relax and by sleeping better but Rima also provided a space free of judgement where parents could express their fears, doubts, questions while sharing their feelings and experiences.After this IAIM class, I feel more confident as a parent and I treasure watching my bond with my son blooming through the art of massage.We cannot thank Rima enough.We have no hesitation recommending this class.